Heirloom Portrait

Pictures of your loved ones are keeping the moment forever for you because you can look at them at any time you want. Every single one of them is a piece of memory, every smile means a lot.

Photographing you gives me the opportunity and the responsibility to help you. I freeze a slice of your time you spend together, so you will be able to recall these moments when you look at your prints or albums. Imagine how your parents would feel if you gift them with a couple of pictures of their grandchildren. For them, it will be the best surprise ever. Try to vision the faces of your visitors in your home, when they see that happy family portrait hanging on your wall.

What I love to do is anything between maternity, child, family, couple and pet photography.

Please have a tour in my gallery on my site, to have a better idea about my passion and style.

I am covering London and Hertfordshire, but I am also able to travel further for additional fee included in pricing.

If you still have a question please contact me.