Thomas Demol Photographie

Where to start? I suppose I am where I am because of my ambition to learn more and more about anything. Back in France, I studied to become a physics and chemistry teacher while working for a newspaper. I took a break from my studies to learn another language which I thought could be useful. Here I am now, still in England, and trapped by a British woman (in a good way of course!) I am one of those lucky guys who managed to turn their passion into work. I find an amazing satisfaction in taking pictures.

I'm a perfectionist and I'm always trying to achieve a better photo than the one that I've just taken. When I'm not working, I find it really easy to make myself busy with all sorts of things. I play the trombone in a local brassband, love baking every week. I can knit, crochet, garden, play magic tricks, the piano, the guitar, make all sorts of things with balloons. I told you I really love learning new things!