Alex Styles Photography

Alex Styles is a professional photographer who specializes in a range of photographic styles and has worked for a range of high-end clients all over the UK. Although his studio in based in the heart of the West Midlands he has the ability to take his photography wherever it's required. On meeting Alex for the first time it is obvious that he is full of energy and enthusiasm with a commitment to produce a quality end result. Because Alex still has youth on his side when it comes to the area of professional photography he brings a fresh vitality to all aspects of his work without foregoing a professional attitude and maturity, which is shown throughout.

In a very short timeframe of working as a professional photographer Alex has already built up an impressive client base, working with top names in business and a portfolio of celebrity images. Alex's uncanny ability to understand and capture a great shot is what makes him stand out as a photographer, being precise yet creative in his field.