Andrea Whelan Photography

Someone once told me 'the days are long but the years are short'. I never quite understood what that meant until I had my first child. I'm sure it resonates with you in some way too, time moves too quickly when you're a parent. It's about capturing and freezing everyday moments and turing them into beautiful memories. So they can see how much fun we had, how bad their clothes and hair were and simply, how we were as a family. They will see how much I thought of the little things; how I captured, and wanted to keep on record the tiny details that make them so incredibly special to me.

I also want ‘you' in them! As a parent I know how often you are in photographs. I also know that our children will appreciate photos of us when they are older as much we appreciate photos of them when they are younger. I am very proud of this and as your photographer I strive to achieve images of this quality in all of my sessions.