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Images are an important aspect in creating a dialogue between the customer and the business. A first glance at a brochure, display stand or website is a first impression that influences a potential customer. The images are vital in that first encounter. Time, money and energy spent on those images lasts for years and is of high value to any business.

I work with businesses to create images to sell services, property and products. It is a working relationship between your vision and my creativity and technical skill that brings life to your marketing. I take pride in delivering what you need for your business, through discussion and striving to understand what you want, while adding my own experience and vision to the mix.
Business Services

Food Photography

Food Photography

Food requires a different technique to other products and advertising images. The lighting is specific to bring out the life in the food, it's freshness, unique textures and colours. The light should glint through fresh salad leaves, bounce off sugared surfaces, and bring out the texture of pastry. Drinks come in bottles and glasses, and can be still or poured, all of which can be captured in the studio.

Food is one of my favourite items to photograph and, being an enthusiastic chef in the kitchen, it is a pleasure to create stunning and appealing images of a wide range of food dishes and products.
Architectural Photography

Architectural Photography

Buildings need to be photographed both as a whole to show the situation, location, architecture and size, and also details brought out to show design features, coatings, products used, stone work etc.

Using a wide angle tilt shift (perspective control) lens even the tallest, largest building can be photographed with perfect proportions. Or more creative views can be taken using the features of the building.

Property & Interior Photography

Property & Interior Photography

High quality interior photography for hotels, offices, restaurants, holiday accommodation and business premises.

Careful attention to detail, the creative use and capturing of natural light, and post processing techniques allows the true ambience of interiors to be shown.
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