Carrie Davenport Photography

I first discovered my love of photography when I was putting my hatred of maths class into practise at school. Choosing instead to hide in the art department (my favourite subject for the entire of school) it was here I first tried to teach myself about the darkroom and fell in love with photography. I got an old fully manual Pentax SLR and started teaching myself as much as I could about photography and developing my own black and white images. After that I went on to study Art and Design at tech before completing a degree at the Belfast School of Art.

Thats a good few years ago now and I still love what I do. I shoot a wide range of subject areas but specialise in music and event photography, commercial and pr and also documentary styled weddings and press. To get an idea of my work have a look at this website and for rates and availability please get in touch through the contact page!