Daniel Bristow Photography

My name is Daniel Bristow, I have been a photographer in the Dorset area for a couple of years now. I have always had an interest in photography and enjoy viewing pictures from the likes of David Noton and Ansel Adams. Living in Bridport Dorset on the Jurrasic Coast which is a UNESCO World Heritage site, I have to take advantage of these wonderful coastal areas that we live on. So with my location my passion for landscapes and seascpaes can be fuelled. I enjoy being creative and artistic, I love the impact that photography can make, and how the most simple pictures can be the ones that have the biggest interest and impact. I love the Black and White images taken of the coastline, I feel the simplicty and contast of the colour makes the locations feel that bit more special. I am keen to improve myself and attempt any type of photography, and enjoy everyting as long as I am behind the camera.