David Love Photography

If you've looked at other photographers websites you'll know that this page is where I tell you how great I am, how many awards I've won and maybe throw around some cliché comments about how I love capturing the briefest moments of time and preserving memories for future generations.

I'd maybe tell you that I knew I wanted to be a photographer ever since I was a child (after being given an old camera by my grandfather?) or that I fell in love with the magic of seeing pictures appear in the darkroom. I could perhaps say that I use photography as a means of expressing my feelings and that my work is an extension of myself. Or something along those lines.

The truth however is nothing like that. I'm a relative newcomer to photography and had it not been for the development of digital imaging, I probably wouldn't have got in to it at all. I don't have a degree in Photography, I don't belong to Photographic societies and I haven't entered any competitions. I just do.