Dumplings Photography

MY name is Liya, and I am a children's Lifestyle Photographer. I live in West Hampstead, London with two delicious little dumplings of my own. INITIALLY, I got into photography in school where we started from the very basics - using a cardboard box camera, holding the "shutter" open for 10 minutes & developing the photos in a pseudo darkroom. I found the process fascinating - keeping up with the technological evolution from film to digital. I continued to feed my artistic passion throughout University, while pursuing my degree in computer science and design. IT wasn't until my first baby was born that I rekindled my love affair (obsession?) with photographing families and children, capturing the genuine emotion and vivacity that comes so naturally to kids. THUS my style in candid portraiture evolved. This choice was less deliberate and more to do with the challenges of photographing active and uncooperative toddlers.