Ev's Photography

When I was small, I've been dreaming about the camera. Then parents had bought a cheap film camera, which I was allowed to take in my hands on holidays only, and I was not really excited to use it, because everything in it was adjusted automatically. But 7 years ago I, at last, have got Sony cyber-shot DSC-H7 and my photo hobby has begun. And I always knew I want more than photo hobby.

Update 30/06/2014: Now I bought Nikon D3300 photo camera and hope that it will help me to get better results.

I learned lot of stuff for the last 7 years: Photoshop, Lightroom, lighting and other useful things about photography. I tried to travel more, taking pics everywhere I've been. Now I have 2 Olympus E420 with few lenses. I make photosessions for my friends and customers mostly for free, and I have good results. I bought studio lighting kit too with softboxes and umbrellas, flash lights and backgrounds, and it means I am flexible and mobile.