Extra Special Photos

My name is Darren; I'm the main photographer for Extra Special Photos. Helen (my wife) is a photo organiser; Helen's main job is to co-ordinate everyone on the main day as well as ensuring everyone is happy and smiling for the photographs. It all started a number of years ago when we were asked to photograph a christening for our niece, which just started the ball rolling. Since then we have photographed weddings, proms, holy communions, more christenings and requested portrait work.

We all get a lot of enjoyment out of photography and this really shows in our work. We always try to have as much fun as possible with our clients to relax them and get those all-important fantastic shots. We also feel you should tell us what photographs you want; after all you're the person that's paying and your opinion counts. So no matter what the weather or event we will get those Extra Special Photos for you.