F Eleven Photography

I began taking photographs when I was in Paris aged sixteen on a school trip through Europe, fascinated seeing an alternative view of life far removed from that of my home in South Yorkshire. The itch to take photographs started then and it's never left me I suppose. I've shot loads of travel photographs since those schooldays and now tend to work in the fields of advertising, especially product and food photography, I also shoot portraits and a wide range of editorial photography. The shot above was taken for Becker UK Ltd., a company manufacturing pumps., you'd never know it really, but the idea was to show the power of air in this multiple image combination. I had to convince the MD that my idea would work and he would have much more interesting images than simple 'pump' shots. No hair extensions were in place, if you forgive the pun and I shot another version with water as the medium, which is on a page somewhere in this site.