Images Of Life Photography

I started photographing children shortly after I had my first child and have not stopped since. I soon realized how much I loved photographing children, and how quickly they change and I did not want to miss a single minute. I really wanted to be able to do the same for other parents and because of that Images of life was created. I know that not everyone wants to go to or is comfortable in a studio environment, I am certainly one of those people, which is why I try to create a more comfortable, relaxed and less daunting experience, especially where young children are involved.

I feel this creates a more special and personal experience, and it takes the stress and cost out of getting yourself and your children to a studio. It also means everything you may need is to hand and makes outfit changes much easier too. From the start I have aimed to give clients more for their money and I still strive to do exactly that 10 years on.