Kevin Belson Photography

The day is yours, we don’t want anyone feeling rushed. Most of the day is covered in a documentary way with a constant eye out for dynamic images, little happenings that occur throughout. A knowing glance or a little dance. It’s those moments that provide our images with an energy that brings them to life. On top of that we love to shoot directed, beautiful and artistic portraits that can stand alone or enhance a collection. It’s more than the best of both worlds it’s synergy.

Our wedding photography portfolio is constantly evolving. We believe that the best photographs have people in them. It’s fantastic working with people to create art and to be able to do that on your wedding day you have to be confident. To ensure that you are confident on the day we include a pre-wedding or engagement shoot in every collection. I love that first meeting where everyone feels a little awkward but then, as the shoot progresses, we see our couples start to relax and get into the moment. It’s amazing when people see themselves for the first time on our big screen in the viewing room and it makes a huge difference to the wedding photography.

My photography is classical and stylish, very influenced by fashion and music. Although I have a very modern approach I believe that my pictures will stand the test of time and look amazing for years to come. I want to make every wedding look like the perfect day, the day you always imagined it to be, the one you dreamed about when you were planning it. This is your day and I am committed to ensure it tells your story. Your wedding day is a flowing series of beautiful emotions and events and you will want to relive those moments time and time again.