Kristian Leven Photography

...and since the age of 15 I’ve had the dubious honour of being called out as a Ronan Keating look-a-like. It is an unfortunate fact that I can't even go to karaoke without having to replicate the dulcet tones of the Irishman, but thankfully photography has been my saviour, and spared me from a life-time of imperfect Ronan impersonations.

Whilst I've always loved photography, it wasn't until a few years ago that I realised what I really get excited about is capturing those spontaneous and significant moments that make up our lives - those moments that can’t be rewound or paused.

And when I dig a little deeper I’m also fascinated by the relationships and interactions we have with each other, which is why I’ve always preferred taking natural, honest images that are a reflection of our real selves.

Whilst I love all things weddings, a big part of my life are the trips I take abroad with my camera, as I love exploring new countries, embracing new cultures and capturing the lives of the people I meet along the way. It’s my chance to unwind and recharge the creative batteries, so that I’m fully prepared for the year ahead.