Lux Photography

I guess with any story it's best to start at the beginning. My name is Ellie and I am just shy of thirty. I have had a passion for photography since the age of 16; it's always been an avenue of expression for me. I was always creative and vocal while growing up but struggled to express it through words and writing. I am dyslexic and at times find it very frustrating. However, photography set me free and made me extremely happy. I could express my feelings and emotions visually and it helped me see the world in new ways.

My son is my inspiration and what drives me to pursue my dreams. I have in the past worked in all areas of photography from commercial high street portrait photography, wedding photography to events photography, gaining lots of experience and getting to meet lots of people. I think at the heart of it all, I just love people. We all want to feel connected in some way and photographing people creates this sense of connection.