Mui Tsun Photography

My name is Mui. People often ask me why I love what I do. Perhaps it's because I only have two photos from my own childhood that I have made it my mission to photograph children. Life has taken me in many different directions. Initially trained in art and photography, I went on to study mathematics, and spent 12 years as a computer programmer. In recent years I've returned to my first love of photography and am very pleased to have been awarded Top 10 Photographer of the Year 2012 in the People category by the Guild of Photographers.

Just like you, I juggle with many different roles each day: mum, business owner, cook, driver, cleaner, entertainer, teacher and friend. And although the quiet countryside where I now live is very different from the bright lights of the Far East where I grew up, it's my home and a beautiful space I share with my partner and James, our nine-year-old son and my favourite model. I am addicted to noodles and Kettle Chips.