Neil Barnes Photographer

Photography has always been there as a passion throughout my career even whilst I've explored my creative talent in graphic design and contemporary art but I've always come back to it. It's like riding a bike, you just don't forget. I see pictures, everywhere and wherever I look, everything has the potential to make a good picture. I wouldn't say I've seen it all, but pretty much nothing fazes me; Royalty, Prime Ministers, Sports stars and the average chap in the street have all been through my lens over the years, as well as church fetes and peace demonstrations.

My 36+ years of experience has led to commissions from national publications both magazine and newspaper as well as blue-chips and leading PR companies. My recent ventures into contemporary art have been well received and are now reaching a wider audience with my work being sold in shops and galleries. I'm enjoying it more and more and look forward to each opportunity with relish and excitement.