Nichola Morton Photography

I love vintage styling and pretty dresses. I love weddings. I’m a tiny bit of a geek. I love Stars Wars and Lord of the Rings. I love cats and dogs, and basically all animals. I hate Marmite (disgusting…). I love to dance. I hate to be the centre of attention. I love a good curry, but not a spicy one. I love fairylights and natural light, but hate bright office lights.

I’m obsessed with music. I love Motown and Soul. I love Metal and Rock. I love Mazzy Star. I don’t like sprouts. I love the pin-up lifestyle. I’d prefer to own a battered and well loved bookshelf than an Ikea one. I like getting muddy. I love the outdoors. And beautiful architecture. I love Johnny Cash. I don’t like getting up on a cold morning, but I love to hear the rain tap tap tapping on my window. I want to live at Glastonbury. I am scared of spiders, but never kill them.