Paula Pulman Photography

Whilst designing my website I left this page to last thinking it would be pretty simple to throw together a few words about me - not so. How does one summarize themselves in one short paragraph. So after giving this some thought I will endevour to tell you a little bit about what I do, who I am, and where I hope to go.

I first developed an interest in Photography during High school. I immediately fell in love with the whole concept of photography and how light was used to portray varying scenes and moods, (Photographer means 'light artist'). I was priveleged to be part of a school that catered completely to this subject and with a kit of 26 enlargers I soon became lost in the darkroom. I was taught to take an imaginary photograph first before I pressed the shutter to ensure composition, light and subject were all satisfactory. There was no better joy to be had back then than to get into the darkroom and begin the process of developing and printing.