Ross Holkham Photography

My passion for photography started through travelling the world back in 2000. I loved being able to tell the story of a place or a person through an image. You've never been there, you've never met the person but somehow you know what they are thinking and you can feel the vibe of the place in which they live simply through looking at one picture. That's the art of photojournalism and that's what has created the basis of my storytelling style of photography. I approach wedding and portrait photography the same way I do traveling. I want to tell the whole story, the beauty, the details and the moments. I want to provide my clients with something unique, something that encapsulates them as people and provides them with a story told through pictures that will be passed down from generation to generation. I simply love what I do, meeting new couples, being creative and shooting at amazing venues all over the world. Ultimately it's telling stories and I would love to tell yours.