Sara Dalzell Photography

I get to photograph romance at weddings, get to cuddle newborns and get to join in the fun with families. Photographing your story makes me happy. Especially meeting couples, kids or families again and again, to capture through images the new chapter in their life. A new addition to the family - a puppy (I do love dogs) or a beautiful newborn (aw so cute and soft) or maybe a family day trip to the seaside with a quick chippy stop. Or perhaps a relaxed session in the studio to mark an occasion such as a birthday.

When I am not photographing lovely people, I am usually with my hubby Jonny or our gorgeous Beagle doggie Guinness that I adore! He is the baby of the family at the minute. I also love holidays and shopping as well as spa breaks with the girls and I am currently learning to knit - this new hobby may not last long!