Stuart Little

I am Stuart, a full-time professional photographer based in Prestwick, South Ayrshire. I have career spanning two decades covering a wide range of photographic disciplines including commercial, lifestyle, editorial and sports. I specialise in lighting on location, image retouching, and compositing. My style and approach is dynamic, flexible, relaxed, and friendly. My greatest talents are the ability to see the best in people and my timing. I have great timing. I'm married to the delightful and lovely Gillian and we have two brilliant sons aged age 4 and 15. Whether you sell pastries, children's shoes or fix pipes for a living. Every business needs amazing photography to help bring new products to market and to help connect with their customers. I bring over 20 years experience and professionalism to my photography business and I deliver a wide range of services suited to small, medium and large businesses within Ayrshire and throughout the United Kingdom.