Trevors Pictures

March 2010 and yet another pretty stormy day. We do even get surfers that brave our pretty fierce tides and cool North Seas. The colour of the water is due purely to the amount of fine sand washed up by the undercurrents. In fact we have some of the cleanest waters on the East Coast of England and are justifyably proud of our "Blue Flag" Award.

The one thing that marks out Mablethorpe from the majority of the East Coast is the number of baby seals that are born in the vicinity. Every year the colony just up the coast by about 7 miles is the site of about 1000 births from November to about the end of January. At the weekends the area is absolutely packed with tourists so if I go up to see this fantastic site it is a 6am start to get there before dawn midweek. We do have our very own Seal Sanctuary up at The North End that is privately owned. It is a fantastic place run by fantastic people and needs all the support it can get so a visit is highly recommended!