Ursula McCollam Photography

Photography has been part of my life forever. I loved the darkroom at school, and watching my pictures develop. The darkroom was so small… it was just the chemicals and me!! Fast-forward, and I still love the darkroom, but I mostly shoot on digital.

Married to Hugh, we have 3 amazing boys…and a little dog called Cara (she’s 19!) We love the outdoors, drink a lot of tea, and enjoy climbing the rocks along the Antrim Coast. There’s nothing better than sitting on the pier, watching our boys leap into the Irish Sea.

My camera goes everywhere, capturing all the little details of family life. That moment my youngest picks a shell from the beach, my older 2 skimming stones in the sea, or that time the ice-cream falls off the cone. These pass in a millisecond, but I have them all, memories saved forever.

One day my boys will look through these, they will recall the very taste of that lost ice cream, and hear the sea when they see the beach. I love this power that photography has on our senses.

I think this is why I love wedding photography, there is so much emotion to capture, blink and you miss it, but I click and keep them forever…for you.