Vicki Clayson Photography

Hi! I am Vicki, the eyes and creativity behind Vicki Clayson Photography. I'm guessing if you've gotten this far you're wanting to know a little more about me? Well here goes. I'm a twenty-something bride-to-be, living in Leicester with my wonderful Fiancée and our four cats. I love everything vintage, the cars, the clothes, the films, and everything in between. And I currently have a small obsession with apple crates! But a bit about the photography.

I have been interested in photography as far back as I can remember, it has always been a part of my life; I almost feel lost without a camera in my hand! My passion is not only photography, but being able to document the moment, take that single frame of life and develop it into a long lasting memento to hold close for years to come.

With this experience I'm able to put my all into any situation, be it your wedding day, the first few weeks of your childs birth, your band's debut performance or taking that first step on a modelling career.