My name is Keith Malone and I live in Bedford, Bedfordshire. I started working in photography when I was 17 doing a Saturday job as a proof printer for a wedding photgraphy company - in those days it
Abraxas Photography
If your wedding photos aren't that important to you, then Abraxas Photography probably isn't the right company for you. If however your wedding photographs are a priority then the best advice we can
David Hughes Photography
I am a full time professional photographer specialising in wedding photography. Based in Bedfordshire, I photograph weddings all over the UK and overseas. Prior to forming my business I spent 15 years
Michelle Wood Photographer
When I completed my degree in Fine Art, specialising in creative photography, back in 2000 I wasn't entirely sure what I was going to do with my life. So, I put it off for a while and worked/travelled
Michael Domarus
We can create together something to be watched and admired by generations. Try to imagine your grand-grand-children flipping the pages of this vintage album from your wedding. After a hundred of years

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