Andy Currie Photography

I'm Andy Currie, a professional photographer based in Gourock, Scotland, who specialises in Weddings, Portraits and small Events photography. I have all of my own teeth and a few modern additions, a full head of increasingly transparent hair, have recently taken to wearing glasses and am probably 6 inches under height for my weight. I'm also Dad to two beautiful and talented daughters, and I'm possibly the youngest looking Grandad you've ever seen. That's me over there on the right - as drawn by Tony Docherty - The Kilted Caricaturist. I was born and bred in Greenock, but now live in Gourock with my wife of over 29 years, Karen. We have two beautiful and talented daughters of 27 and 24, both Honours graduates of Glasgow University. Lesley was married to Stephen in March 2014, while Gill married James in January 2015. We also have a cute, smart and gorgeous grand-daughter called Kathryn. My passion has always been for photography.