Chris Lomas Photography

Chris Lomas was born in Essex and brought up in Liverpool and Winchester. He started photographing people after he was given a Russian camera and light meter at the age of eight by his father. When his family moved to Winchester in 1985, he started taking portraits of people working early in the morning in the town centre. In the summer of 1988, he started a project documenting people working in Southampton 's ship yard for the local museum. Chris moved to Edinburgh in the autumn of 1988 to study photography at university.

During the course, Chris assisted for London photographers and worked for The Scotsman newspaper. In 1991, Chris started up his own business, working initially for newspapers and PR agencies. Further investment in equipment allowed Chris to start doing more creative work for UK design agencies. At the same time, he developed his lighting skills and began to explore the full potential of photography in the controlled environment of a studio.