Chris Mooney Photography

I am a professional photographer based in Edinburgh and have shot weddings in the UK and Ireland (where I am from) I hope you have had a good look through my portfolio, like what you have seen and want to hire me to shoot your wedding! Since I shot my first wedding in Ballycastle, N Ireland, capturing the sprit and personality of couples has been my aim. For me nothing is more satisfying than capturing that special look or moment between you and your partner and knowing I will be giving you a shot that will be cherished for generations to come.

I want your children to look at your photographs in twenty years time and see, in those images, who you really are, and what you were feeling on the day you were married. To make this happen I focus on the interactions and moments that happen throughout the day. Complementing these reportage style images we'll also have a short portrait shoot where I use techniques that generate real emotions rather than something unnatural and forced.