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The primary objective of Drone Site Surveys is to offer drone services and drone surveys specifically designed for the building industry. We provide roof examinations, accurate measurement scans, and aerial photography. By using 3D scanning and drone technology, we make it possible to create digital copies of assets, which allow you to take measurements from your workplace. Surveying companies, housing associations, local government agencies, and private homeowners are among our clientele. We provide thorough reports with text and photographs, as well as video recordings upon request.

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Best Thermal Surveys for Building

Best Thermal Surveys for Building

Your building's thermal image survey can map any energy loss and pinpoint its precise location of it. This method of using thermal pictures can lessen the need for intrusive and possibly costly building work. Insulation.org claims that wet insulation might lose 10 times as much heat as dry insulation.


Drone Roof Inspection

The industry for asset assessments at height is evolving thanks to drone roof inspections. Cranes and other assets that are dispersed over large distances might belong to both people and companies. We can build visual libraries of all of your assets' external envelopes using drone inspections. Drone aerial asset inspection enables you to examine buildings, cranes, roofs, and other structures in 4K Ultra High Definition from every aspect.

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