Jo Hastings Photography

Sixteen years ago I married my best friend in Bali, together we have three Daughters (yes he's out numbered) and a dog called Buddy.

After a career in Corporate Finance and taking some time out to travel, I discovered my love for Photography and realised that there was creative side to me that I needed to let out. That was seven years ago now and I feel so lucky to love what I do. I've always been a ‘people person' and love showing people, that by being themselves, they can have photos full of emotion and character. Not only do I want you to look gorgeous in your photos but for your photos to be authentic and show the real you.

Apart from photography and my family these are some of the other things I love; That first cup of tea in the morning, eating out, music, people who don't take themselves too seriously, the sea, travelling, a good book on the beach, a perfectly mixed Mojito, Thai food, cinema, the guitar, glossy magazines, people in love.