Photography By Jason Kimmings

When asked "If your house was on fire, what few items would you save?", photographs would be pretty high on most people's lists. Wether it's photo albums, or a laptop it doesn't matter, but photos do.

Everybody likes looking back at old images of themselves as toddlers or showing their wedding photos to their children and grandchildren. Photos are preserved memories that we can share with others.

I'm primarily a photojournalist which means I like to record what's going on around us in a natural as possible state. This, I believe, is when we get the pictures of ourselves that we actually like to look at more than once. Few people like being in front of a camera, including myself, and that's why I strive to capture candid images of people when they're not aware the photo's being taken. One of the highest compliments I get from wedding clients is that "we didn't even know you were there".