Robert Ashton Pet Photography

My name is Robert Ashton and I have been a professional photographer for nearly 25 years! I was born in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire in 1969 and from a early age I knew that I was destined for a creative career. I adored art, design and technology and it was these three loves that led me to photography, for which I am eternally grateful.

Once I had been bitten by the photography bug I thought it only fair to get some training, qualifications and experience, so to kick start my journey I applied to the top photographic college in England and much to my delight I was accepted. So off I went to sunny Blackpool - I know it surprised me as well, but Blackpool and the Fylde College was, and still is, the top photographic college in England. After much toil, and many ice creams, I got myself a HND and a PQE in photography.

Three great years of studying at the seaside led me to a move to London in 1990, which is where the real learning actually began.