I spent most of my youth between Mexico City and Barcelona. After finishing my studies in culinary arts I had the opportunity to travel a lot and live in many different places like New York, and
Hanri Photography
A DSLR gifted from her dad and yoga holiday to India was the initial inspiration for Hanri to take up Photography once more. Before that time, Hanri had processed her own black and white photographs
Robbins Photographic
Like a lot of photographers I'm pretty camera shy so if I haven't already got a camera stuck to my face I'm probably looking awkward in front of one. I live on the South Coast, sandwiched between the
Photography Firm
Andrew has worked as a commercial photographer for over 25 years, working for a number of household brands and all industries including interiors, catalogue & fashion, publishing & product
Catherine Benson Wedding Photography
I am a professional photographer covering weddings in Sussex, Kent, Hampshire and beyond. My style mixes contemporary, relaxed, reportage shots with the classic poses that will last a lifetime.
Rosie Wooldridge Photography
Based in Lewes, East Sussex, I specialise in children's fashion and portrait photography. I do also take a limited number of commissions for weddings. Photography has been part of my life for the past
Exposure Photography
Creating outstanding photography for all your design, marketing and editorial needs Exposure Photography prides itself on delivering high quality photography that consistently answers the brief and

A professional photographer in Lewes may be one of the most important professional service providers on your special day. Photographs are a very important part of specials days and celebrations, or just a way to make a loving moment last forever, keeping the memory never getting old or forgotten. Therefore, when you want to keep the memory for a special day, event, or special people in your life alive for the eternity, you definitely want to hire a professional and very talented photographer in Lewes. However, how you can make sure you hire the best photographer in Lewes? And when it comes to a type of visual art that photography is, is there even such thing as the best photographer in Lewes? At the end of the day, photography and beauty are subjective and depend on the way we individually perceive it. So what you are looking for is actually a professional photographer in Lewes who has a style of photography you enjoy or simply can create photographs the way you request them to be. Let’s dig a little deeper and learn more about how you can find and choose the right photographer in Lewes for your desires.

First Tip for Finding the Right Photographer in Lewes

First things first, it is important to notice that you should choose a photographer in Lewes that specializes in the particular type of photography you are looking for. That is right, a photographer in Lewes will most probably be specialized in a specific type of photography or at least a couple of similar types. Therefore, before you hire a photographer in Lewes, the most important thing is to make sure they specialize in the type of photos you want, for example, wedding, family, event, product, food, fashion, boudoir photography, etc.

Second Tip for Finding the Right Photographer in Lewes

Once you have chosen the type of photographer in Lewes you are in need of, make sure they are the right professional for you. You can easily get an idea of their work if you check out their professional website where you can usually find a portfolio of works by this photographer in Lewes. Looking at their style of work will help you easily narrow down to the photographer in Lewes who can take the pictures in the way you want, follow the colour scheme and inspiration you want, create the mood you want. However, if you don’t have any particular idea how you want your pictures taken, looking at the portfolio of a photographer in Lewes may already inspire you for your own photoshoot.

Third Tip for Finding the Right Photographer in Lewes

Another important aspect of whether or not you want to hire a particular photographer in Lewes will be the budget you have and the price of the service the photographer in Lewes is offering. Every different photographer in Lewes would work within a different price range. You can easily find a cheap service, but also a very expensive one. It mostly depends on the experience of the photographer in Lewes as well as the type of photoshoot. Find the one that fits into your budget.